Saturday, 31 March 2012

Hackint0sh OS X Snow Leopard for Sony Vaio Part 2

Mac OS X Snow Leopard install tutorial for Sony Vaio VPC-EB1S1E/BJ;
This tutorial is going to show you how to install bootloader, kexts and resolution fix of your hackintosh OS X.
Also if you choose to do a DUAL BOOT installation for MAC OS X and WINDOWS 7 this tutorial will still help you to install kexts and update them...

Before begin what you need to have:
1- Working Sony Vaio with OS X Snow Leopard installed (Boot up by iBoot-Legacy CD)
2- MyHack Installer 1.0 RC4.1
3- All kexts files for your laptop (Download links for VPC-EB1S1E/BJ will be given)
4- MultiBeast installer for Snow Leopard from TonyMacX86 (version I have used is 3.7.2)
5- KextBeast kext installer from TonyMacX86

Part 2 Installing kexts and bootloader

Step 1: Boot up your OS X with iBoot-Legacy CD (don't forget to use kernel flags "-v busratio=17")

Step 2: Unzip and install myHack Installer;
From customize menu check boxes of "Chocolate Kernel","PS2Controller" and leave all others at default state.

Step 3: Unzip kext files which are supported at the and of this guide, copy kext files to your desktop (only copy  kexts from pre-update folder)

Step 4: Run KextBeast and install the kext files which are located on your desktop.

Step 5: Run MultiBeast and install the following packages (Check boxes)
 "System Utilities", "OSx86 Software", "Customization-System Definitions-MacBookPro-MacBookPro 8.1"

Step 6: Eject iBoot-Legacy CD and restart your laptop. You will able to see your new bootloader and you will able to select OS X (don't forget to boot up with kernel flags)

Step 7: Fix resolution and kernel flags by editing "" from "/Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/". Open plist file with text editor and do changes for busratio and graphics mode. your plist file should have been something like below.

<plist version="1.0">
<key>Kernel Flags</key>
<key>Graphics Mode</key>

After editing plist you should have a fixed resolution for your Vaio and kernel flags no longer required to boot up the OS X.

Important note:
If you manage to complete these steps without an error, now you will have a working Sony Vaio with Sound, Wifi, bluetooth, Trackpad mouse, webcam and USB connection. Graphics resolution can be fixed by editing plist but complete graphics fix will be after combo update in part 3.

Part 3 Coming soon...

Download links:
Don't forget to download KextBeast and MultiBeast from TonyMacX86

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  1. Thank you SO MUCH!! IT WORKS!!
    I spent age, trying to install Snow Leopard but none of the tutorials i found works.
    I have a very similar Laptop, Sony EB. Can't wait until you post your new video.

    Once again Thank you!

    1. thanks for the comments :)
      I am going to prepare new videos in few days

  2. Is part 3 about updating to Lion and ATI 5650 Kext?

    1. no and yes :) going to do a video for 10.6.8 v1.1 and ati 5650m kexts maybe afterwards I do video for lion and dual boot installation :)


  4. I seem to have the same sony vaio laptop and all, but for some reason.. neither sound nor network are working... battery kext is working fine though... so is the ps2 touchpad... brightness control is not working either, but I'd love to get sound and network up...
    any Idea where I may have screwed up... the only thing that I may have done different is I used multibeast 3.10.1 maybe something drastically changed since 3.7.2?

  5. update: using the 3.7.2 I at least got wireless up... no luck for the sound so far... brightness control not working yet either, but to me that is less important...
    at least glad I got wireless... awesome guide btw, no other guides I tried could get os-x up and running, would lockup during boot...
    you're doing a good job here ;-)

  6. Thanks mate =)) I can give you few tricks to try for audio fix.
    first you can try to delete applehda.kext file from your extensions folder and than reinstall audio kext file that i supplied on the blog, if that doesnot work either you can try to boot into original vanilia kernel by changing boot plist by dont boot to chocolate kernel boot to "mach_kernel" and try if it will work

  7. awesome just deleting applehda from system/library/extensions did the trick :-)
    now stuck in part 3 not sure why, but chameleon wizard does not seem to think I have an internet connection... while I do since I am typing this from the Vaio now :)
    I always get 'Chameleon revision: Unknown' and then the connect to buildbot button becomes grayed out... any suggestions here?

    1. it is a common bug of chameleon wizard its nothing to do with your setup or system, you can just use built in tab and do the update :) it wont be the very last version but it still will be a nice stable version :)

  8. can i have sony vaio vpcea36fg kext of wifi and sound etc please

  9. Is it possible to install 10.7.2 or 10.7.4 to Sony Vaio VPC-EB1S1E/BJ?
    Please reply and give me some instructions please!

  10. Lion OS X'i EB1s1e'ye y├╝kleyebilir miyiz hocam?

  11. Thank you for the guide. I got everything work fine on VPC EB2Z1E, except wifi (Atheros AR9285).. I would appreciate any help, I just cant seem to find any solution (Installed plenty of AR9285 kexts, but neither of them worked). Also tried to use multibeast 3.7.2 (like MrBubke) but that did not work out either).

  12. Hi, everything work well! Only the ethernet card, it doesn't work, is possible to fix it?