Friday, 13 April 2012

Vaio Hackint0sh Forgotten Kexts and Error Fixes

From the feedbacks that I recieved, I have realized that I have forgotten kexts for the brigthness control and battery control, also some people reported that their usbs wont work for flash and external hard drives so I will be giving a kexts files for fixing those as well.

Installation is easy as follows just use normal kext installing method.
1- Unzip all the kext files and move them to the desktop.
2- Use KextBeast installer to install kext files which are located on your desktop.
3- Reboot and enjoy

Download link:
Final Files


  1. incoming reports show that brightness control working on some models and not working on some models

  2. can i have sony vaio vpcea36fg kext of wifi and sound etc please

    1. search kext files on you can find your laptops specific kexts files there, vpcea36fg has hm55 chipset so search by it :)

    2. I am unable to find....can please do find if for me,it would be really great help..!

  3. mine is vaio vpcea16fg...stuck at pci configuration...can u help me?