Wednesday, 5 September 2012

OS X Dual Boot Installation Preparation on Single Drive

First of all, sorry for the long wait. Have to give all my time to many other things. Enough of bla bla bla...

1- Working Laptop, Windows 7 installed.
2- Official Apple Mac OS X 10.6.3 Retail DVD (USB)

Uploaded video only includes the part that done in the Windows 7.

1- Boot up your Computer/Laptop (or your lovely Sony Vaio VPC-EB1S1E/bj)
2- Follow the video :)
3- Continue on the main guide line part 1. Plug in your usb or CD/DVD for bootloader, and also OS X install disk.
4- Use the app. 'Disk Utility' to format (erase) the newly sized partition as Mac OS Extended (Jornualed). (If you do exactly as the guide video, your selected partition will be 50 gb.)
5- Install OS X on the newly erased partition.
6- Follow steps on the main guideline.

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  1. Hello Kan, first of all thank you for your new guide!
    I've a problem (the same i had with last guide)....i tought the problem was because of the win7 already installed, but i get the same problem following this new guide also...
    The problem is i can't see the snow leopard image (i putted it in the usb).
    When i start with iBoot i get only this:

    I've tried with 4 different snow leopard disk image (one .iso make for intel hackintosh and 3 different .dmg that might be retail dvd of SL), so i think the problem could be iBoot. How can i do? Please help me, and thank you again for your work!

  2. Thanks for the comment.

    First of all you need to have specific OS X RETAIL 10.6.3 dvd before you begin. You can always do iboot legacy CD + retail dvd.

    In my guide; I prefer to install with usb because it is faster. BUT still iboot CD + Retail DVD works perfectly.

    P.S. Little tip about burnin' dvd to usb. You have to have a working os x, in order to use disk utility to restore dvd to usb. Windows can't do the job. (also a working os x could be vm ware machine on a windows pc)

    1. ok, i'll try and i'll let you know (i don't have too much free time right now)...thank you anyway!

  3. ok, i follow your guide (using disk utility trought vmware now i have a bootable usb) but when i want to install i can't use the partition... using disk utility during the installation i can see the empty partition, i tried to format it in journaled, it worked...but when i try to install in this partition it says that i have to format the partition table with GUID (something similar)...but if i do this i will erase all the partition where i have win7 (with all my files) can i do?

    1. same thing happen to me , this is what i did.

      1.backup important data if any (win 7)
      2. do everything the guide says you to do . Insert iboot legacy cd and Snow Leopard usb/dvd etc etc ..

      3. when you are in the step where you have to use disk utility to format a drive , you must first select the Hard disk (left hand side), than partition (right hand side), than from the drop down list change "current" to "2 partitions". click on the 1st partition ie "Untitled 1" , rename "untitled 1" to anything (for eg : MacOXs), select format : mac os extended(journaled), assign the size.

      5. now click on the other partition ie "Untitled 2", rename "untitiled 2 " to anything (for eg : Windows7),select format : MS-DOS (FAT), assign the size.

      6. click apply and than click partition .

      7. now install macosx SL first in MacOSx drive.

      8. after completion of the installation , it will ask you to restart pc..restart you pc and install windows 7 on the windows7 drive be sure not to erase the other drive , just erase the drive name Wiindows7 . erase it from fat format to ntfs.

      9. install windows 7 .. than restart pc . than follow this Part 2 guide :

      10. after part 2 guide its done , you will have dual boot . you can even install win7 loader. if you have a Pirated windows ;) , this will not effect the current macosx boot loader :D

      cheers !! :

    2. Thank you very much for your help!!! It works like a charm (but i can't install win7, i will install it tomorrow and i don't know if i have to do the installation of mac bootloader again or it will work).
      I have only 2 problems:
      1) i can't connect to Buildbot so i can't update chameleon bootloader (i don't know if it is necessary)
      2) i can't power off bluetooth, somebody with the same issue?

    3. it will work ;) no need to install mac boot loader again :) because i have installed mac atleast 10 + times (trials and errors) i simply format the drive ie the mac partition one (mac os extended(journaled)) and install, win 7 remains as it is ;)

      mine too connect to Buildbot not working, will try find updated bootloader as kan suggested :) Thanks

    4. and you can also use microsoft official Windows 7 USB/DVD to install windows 7 :) , don't forget to format the second partition from ms-dos(fat) to ntfs than install it :)

  4. :)
    1) that app seems to stop updating but you can still find updated bootloaders at

    1. thanks :)

      any chance of installing Lion / Mountain Lion in Vaio laptop ?

    2. thanks!!!
      what is the exact bootloader? there are a lot.

      P.S. is it normal that fan is very noisy (than i think cpu temperature is very high)? will it stop after the part 3 of the guide? Is it dangerous about cpu ecc. integrity?

  5. Its chameleon bootloader :) chimera/chameleon are they both the same ???? maybe i don't know .

    same here with the noisy fan thing (might be because of the max screen resolution, bcoz when my screen resolution was 1024*768 than there were no noise but when changed to 1920*1080 it cause this noise fan thing "for me"),

    i am trying to install Lion :) bcoz a friend of mine has lion OSX in his sony vaio . Mountail Lion fail to install got many errors while installing , lastly stuck at DSMOS has arrived !! cannot go any further :( tried eveything i could .

    so now instead of doing a fresh install of macosx SL , will try to upgrade to Lion using Xmove , will let you'll know :)

    1. Lion is do able :) just requires a little bit work to do, you need to replace some kexts to make sure boot completes and system allows you to boot into installer :)

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. i tried installing lion after replacing 1 kext file ie IOPCIFamily.kext (myhack guide to fix "PCI configuration begin" , i reached the installer after using this flag : -v USBBusFix=Yes GraphicsEnabler=no

    erase the macosx partition click installed and after a sec or two the screen turned grey than this error : :(

    now again i installed snow leopard using your guide :)

    but the buildbot thing is not working , so i tried to update chameleon bootloader using this :

    but i got (panic), cannot bootup macos , can you make a guide on how to update to latest chameleon bootloader (not the buildbot thing):) Thanks

  8. Dear Kan, many thanks for your instructions! My new V-Hackintosh is 100% working!! :)
    Unfortunately, I don't manage to install Adobe CS6 because the system is working with a 32-bit kernel. Do you know a well-functioning 64-bit kernel for our Vaio EB1S1E?
    Thank you in advance, D